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Wawrinka throws in the towel

Published 22/02/2018

Wawrinka throws in the towel

Stan Wawrinka threw in the towel after 54 minutes of play at the Open 13 Provence tournament. Still recovering from surgery to his left knee, the Swiss player experienced pain during the seventh game of his first match, when the score stood at 3-3. He continued to battle on but, six games later, the three-time Grand Slam champion was forced to retire.

A visibly affected Wawrinka discussed the reasons for his retirement. "At 3-3, I hit a forehand volley that I felt in my knee. It stiffened, as if I'd gone back in time. Then bending became a problem, as simple as that. In this kind of situation, it's very difficult for me to do what I want to do. Unfortunately and fortunately, these pains are normal. I really went out on court thinking that it was fine, that things were going in the right direction. But it wasn't the case. It's difficult to be out on court when things are complicated, when you can do fewer things. When the knee stiffens, when there's pressure on the kneecap and it starts hurting, you can't keep pushing. That's very important. That's when you risk making things worse. Those are difficult times. It's a long process, but I have to take a step back from everything that's happening. I knew it would take a long time. Now, I need to focus on the positive things I see every day in my tennis - my shots, my movements - and keep working."


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